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in stafford county. manhunt underway for a man making pipe bombs and using them in a tax. lauren spierer accused of three peoplee attacks against with close ties to law- enforcement. brianne carter is live in latest on thethe search. using a pipe bombs in .ttacks >> authorities are still aggressively searching for the virginia state alert for thean they believe is armed dangerous. a multistate man want is ongoing old, nowr the 25-year- charges after out of three pipe bomb attacks. >> of violent crime like that, never had that around here. it's early tuesday morning april pipe bomb into a fredericksburg home, blowing a hole in the rules. the alleged crime spree continued in stafford where he bombed two more homes. investigators believed two of incidents target in stafford county , virginia state issued a blue alert, a suspect targeting law-enforcement. >> this guy is extremely dangerous. we believe he has explosive devices and is traveling with. >> this man lives down the from one of the targeted homes. >> i heard a loud bang while i was sleeping and it woke me up. >> on a website belongi
details about the alleged attacks come to like, shomari stone is in stafford county with more. >> reporter: well, the stafford county sheriff tells me the suspect also threw pipe bombs during a two-mile chase at police in montana. they tried to stop him because they say he had a stolen tag. well, tonight he's in jail. tonight, 25-year-old lawrence stewart ii is behind bars in montana. >> we've taken it very personal. >> reporter: stafford county chief says stewart drove to the northwest after bombing his ex-girlfriend's home. a sheriff's detective's house and a home believed to belong to a deputy. >> this is a detective and deputy who was targeted, they and their families, as a result of just doing their jobs. >> reporter: the crime spree started nd fredericksburg, 4:00 tuesday morning. this is it the former home of a sheriff's deputy. investigators tell me stewart threw a pipe bomb in the front window, shattering glass, damaging three rooms and scaring a woman and dog. >> any idea why he was in montana? >> well, we do know that he fled the area directly after the bombings. and we feel tha
.m. in stafford county. evidence led officers to a nearby home, and that is when a 17-year-old attacked them. officers opened fire killing the 17-year-old. more details at 5:30. >> and mor information on the aftermath of hurricane sandy. there is a gasoline shortage in new jersey adding to the misery of storm victims. they have spent hours waiting only to find the pumps have run dry. police have been called out to keep order. gas lines are not the only things frustrating people in new york and new jersey. some people in s.i. say they feel like they are being forgotten -- staten say they feel like they are being forgotten. >> progress is being made, but there are many obstacles out there, like staten island, and patience is wearing thin. >> there is still 3 million people without power on the coast. people are not happy about the marathon taking place. >> tempers are running high, especially in waterlogged staten island. >> we are going to die. you do not understand. >> gasoline, food, and clothing. 20 people died on staten island. people are facing another night of darkness and cold. >> peop
, but agents raid a stafford that they suspected may have been trapped. laurencelooking for stewart, is a setting off three attacks. every investigative law enforcement technique is being used to locate and arrest stewart./ >> investigators say he threw a this frederiksberg come where a county detective to rent a room. then he was accused of bombing other homes in stafford, one of a sheriff's deputy and the .ther of his former fiance, he was already wanted for exposure and violating . protective order a website believed to belong to lays out the case and calls guilty man.of a not the skies extremely dangerous. he has explosives he is traveling with now. >> stewart may be driving a red honda accent with this virginia plate, or a white 2000 nissan alta not with these pennsylvania plates. investigators say the former law have planned these attacks for quite a while and yet."y not be done live in stafford county, abc 7 news. this just in -- police say have arrested an escaped prisoner from california who had been loose for 12 years. corrections officials say was taken into custody in fa
suspects one in d.c. and the other in stafford. we begin with a man stabbed an officer. megan mcgrath is live on the scene from the latest from washington's brookland section. >> reporter: when police repond to 911 calls they are not sure what they are going encounter, what is going to be happening on the scene when they arrive. that was certainly the case this morning. a veteran police officer and his partner were in harm's way responding to a domestic assault call here. the officers were attacked by the suspect. one fired in self-defense. police chief kathy lanier hugged one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a hoels ere and place t in the trunk of an unmarked call. it was a close call responding to a 911 dispatch. a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received the call about 6:45 for domestic assault. when they arrived on the scene and approaching the house, apparently the suspect came up from behind the officers and attacked. one of the officers has several stab wounds to his head, neck and hands. the
are investigating an officer- involved shooting an tacketts mill road in stafford. police were initially called out for a car accident. something led them to a home on tacketts mill road and police officers were called in to help and investigators say at some point a situation escalated and shots were fired. we are told it is a 17-year-old male who was shot and killed. police are still working to confirm all of this information right now. it is not clear if it was a stafford or a fauquier county officer involved in this shooting. we'll have more information as soon as it becomes available. >>> well, back to storm sandy, the long road to recovery from this superstorm meant a long wait on thursday for new york commuters and they faced a choice of standing in line for buses, or trying to get to work on their own. >> new york city crews are working to get all subway tracks clear and more trains running. there's plenty of gasoline, in the superstorm battered northeast just not at the gas stations. drivers in new york and new jersey have been waiting in long lines upwards of two hours to fill up while mi
stewart was arrested in montana. he was suspected of bombing three homes in fredericksburg and stafford county. stewart was trying to kill an ex-girlfriend who accused him of domestic violence and the officers who arrested him. >> we do not have to worry about our children in the neighborhood. >> authorities say stewart threw pipe bombs at officers who were chasing him. not sure how long it will take to extradite him to virginia where he will face attempted murder and other charges. >> president and obama -- president obama and mitt romney making a final push. president obama focused his closing argument on bringing about change while mitt romney countered that argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought for it. you have, too. after all we have been through together we cannot give up now. >> america finally needs real change. as promised, we are going to give it to the american people. >> michael bloomberg endorsed president obama, saying hurricane sandy reshape his thinking and that the president will take action on climate change. if the commander-in-chief will visit v
there is a real emergency. >>> i'm jackie bensen in stafford county. a dui accident lea [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> fast forward to the headlines. d.c. police want to get this guy. they are canvassing a northeast neighborhood trying to catch the suspect who violently attacked a woman in an apartment condo complex there. police passed out photos of the suspect. they say he attempted to sexua
from both stafford and fauquier counties responded to a crash on clyde road in fauquier county around 4:00 this morning. >> it ended with a deputy shooting and killing that teenager at a nearby home. surae chinn has more. >> reporter: well, you know, this can all be a little confusing, because the crash and the shooting happened in fauquier county, but it was a stafford deputy who actually it sheet and killed the 17-year- old, and now virginia state police are leading the investigation. the bottom line is deputies shot and killed the 17-year-old wielding a knife. let me show you video we shot earlier today. it shows a single car crash happened down the road around 4:00 this morning. that blue hundred day. deputies were called to the scene to what appeared to be a dui crash. the investigation led officers to a house a half mile away in the 12000 block of tackets road. deputies went to the house and the suspect had a knife. that's when an officer pulled out a gun and shot and killed the. here's what virginia state police had to say. >> an altercation occurred at the residence, and after s
avenue early tuesday morning. his target was a starved county deputy who -- stafford county deputy who he thought still lived here. >> there was some gas explosion or something and then we found out it was a bomb. >> reporter: shortly after it happened again in stafford 's king grant subdivision. it's believe this was the home of a county sheriffs detective. then once more. this time at his ex-girlfriend's house in the country ridge subdivision. >> we believe this guy has been premeditated and planned this out for a while. >> reporter: stewart had a beef with his targets. they say the detective had charged him with a case involving in decent exposure. the other deputy charged him with a domestic violence involving the case with the third victim, his ex-girlfriend. they say he was living here inside the trailer with his father. they raided the trailer. authorities believe the trailer was boobie trapped with explosives. thankfully it wasn't. >> he's made three bombs. he's deployed them. i don't know anything more vicious than that. >> reporter: late wednesday they were back at the scene of
from his home in stafford. he was pulled over for speeding by montana highway patrol, but then allegedly threw the pipe bombs at them and tried to get away. >> he was arrested by the montana state police. due to the high-speed pursuit. deploying pipe bombs. from what we understand, he was arrested in possession of a handgun, but taken off safely with no incidents. >> he is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. weapons charges, and terror charges. they stem from three pipe bombings on tuesday morning at the home of their former girlfriend and the home of the detective and the former home of the stafford county sheriff's deputy. peggy fox, 9news now. >>> a pair of astronauts did a little plumbing work to fix an apparent leak on the international space station. to do so, they have to take a walk -- they had totake a walk outside in space. the astronauts reconfigured coolant lines in what appear today be a leak in a radiator. and then they installed the spare radiator and it is always nice to have one of those handy. >>> and in case that you have not noti
and confronted the suspect. >> have after stafford deputies entered the residence and an altercation ensued with a 17- year-old male who was wielding a naff and attacked one of the deputies. the male subject was subsequently shot and died at the scene. >> reporter: the injured deputy was treated at the scene. >> the officer did receive a wound. >> reporter: since the crash happened on the county line, fauquier county deputies called stafford county for assistance. the shooting happened about a quarter of a mile from the crash, and six houses down from jessica's home. >> times have change. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9news now. >> now we know the name of the man shot and killed by d.c. police this morning. investigators say they were called out to 17th street northeast responding to a report of a man attacking his granddad. that man turned out to be 28- year-old justin turner and detectives say turner attacked an officer from behind with a knife, stabbing him multiple times in the head and neck. what's the the officer, they say, turned and fired his weapon and killed turner. that officer was t
later this afternoon. a press briefing is heduled for 3:00 in stafford county at the stafford county headquarters at the sheriff's department there. but again, everything happened in fauquier county. we are going to sort it all out later on this afternoon once the press briefing is completing back to you howard. >> thanks surae chinn. >>> here at wusa9 we're donating $1 for every one of you who likes us on facebook. you can help out. go to facebook and like us and we'll be giving the money to the american red cross, stick around, we'll be right back more of 9news now at noon in just a moment. >>> the presidential election is just four days way and both campaigns are putting all their efforts into battleground states. the candidates are targeting those undecided voters, those who may be left and may be influenced by today's unemployment report. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: the president started his campaign day in franklin county, ohio, with some better than expected unemployment numbers. >> this morning, we learned the companies hired more workers in october than at any
temperatures 32 in oakwood, virginia, 32 in stafford 33 in mchenry maryland, and 35 in chantilly -- 32 in elkwood. there could be a sprinkle or snow flurry later this morning. otherwise dry. high temperature of about 10 degrees below average. we should reach about 55 by 5:00. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. >> not bad for this friday morning. here we are at the dulles interchange, 28. route 28 is a little east of dulles airport, looking pretty good. 270 at 109, no problems. looks good through frederick county and madera county and down to the lane divide, and looking good even after that. in virginia, 66 near glebe road, everything looks good. 395 north of duke street, up to the 14th street bridge, no problems. everything is open. looks good all the way up to and across the 14th street bridge to the southeast and southwest freeway. starting off well on your friday morning. back to you. >> thank you. efforts to ease the growing frustration among the millions of victims of hurricane sandy still without power. >> residence in new york and new jersey dealing with dwindling supp
from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. randall pinkston, cbs news, stafford township, new jersey. >> now homeowners received some good news, the governors of new york and new jersey say the storm was not classified as a hurricane which means homeowners with insurance will pay less on their deductible after this storm. >>> now today the red cross workers will head to west virginia to help residents affected by massive our outages of the -- power outages as a result of the sandy related snowstorm. in garrett county, maryland, residents are digging out of about two feet of snow. it knocked out power to thousands of families still in the dark right now and governor o'malley toured the county thursday and is promising to mobilize all the resources necessary to help those who need it. >>> national guard troops on the eastern shore in the wake of sandy. crews went door the door rescuing people if their homes and too -- from their homes and troops are going to remain on patrol. they even uneveryoned a couple of caskets. >>> pepco is being praised for its efforts during ask after sandy. 9
-- a little bit of a delay on the orange line. the problem seen the stafford and the beltway, no incidents. continuing in our nation's capital towards the 149 street bridge, high in -- 14th street bridge nice, easy ride. for the beltway virginia and maryland, your lanes are open. we like that. back to you. >> we do like that. in today's tech bites, we're learning more about a cell phone to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> two wireless giants coming together to help the victims of hurricane sandy. at&t and t mobile will allow customers to make calls on either network without incurring roaming charges. another sign of cooperation, new yorkers coming together to charge up their gadgets anywhere and any way they can plugged into power strips and posted the results online. apple fan also have to wait longer for the new itunes software. it is delayed for about month. the new design will feature a simpler inner face. research in motion is one step closer to releasing their new blackberry 10 smart phones. they have started testing them. they are expected to go
of stafford making your way towards the beltway, your travel lanes are open. i'm not seeing any major delays just yet. northbound nice and clear. southbound as well, no issues to report. a closer look as you get closer to the beltway at fairfax county parkway. volume is increasing. no major delays. and you're clear as you connect to 395. aaron, over to you. >> danella, thank you. >>> 5:24. there is a major upset on the d.c. council. incumbent michael brown lost his seat. news 4's derrick ward with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the national race it seems to have all been about the economy and jobs. but here locally, voters had something to say, and it was all about ethics. in the race for one of two at large seats on the d.c. city council, incumbent michael brown was defeated by david grosso, the independent newcomer bested brown by 20,000 votes. brown's campaign was alleged improprieties of nonprofits he was associated with, and grosso also seized on brown's tax paying record as well. voters also approved ethics related changes to the city charter. the council mem
. the first in d.c. the second in stafford, virginia. we begin with a shooting in northeast where a man was shot after allegedly stabbing an officer. news 4's megan mcgrath explains why police chief kathy lanier says the incident was especially difficult for officers. >> reporter: police chief kathy lanier hugs one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a department-issued holster and place it in the trunk of an unmarked police car. it was a close call. while responding to a 911 dispatch for a domestic assault, a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received a call here this morning about 6:45 for a domestic assault. 3500 block of 17th street northeast. when they arrived on the scene and were approaching the house, apparently the suspect, who had been outside, came up from behind the officers and attacked the officers. one of the officers has several stab wounds to his head, neck, and hands. the officer then turned around, engaged the suspect, and shots were fired. >> reporter: the suspect died on the scene. also inju
shortages across the state a problem. alison har-melin hs the latest from stafford township. people who live on long beah island are being forced to y away. like many of new jer's barrier islands, there's mae damage everywhere. homes arn regained power since the stm hit - but just under two min are still without electriciy and are likely to remain ine dark for days. new york city is slowly rebounding....but mass trant problems and power loss is l hampering the recovery. as you can imagine.. traffis terrible.. many subways are still underwater.. leaving residents forced to drive or cram onto a limited supply f buses. a quarter of a millin people are still without por in the city.. and tonight's knicks..nets nba opener hsan postponed.. but this weeke's new york marathon is still . the storm has campaign organizers on the east racio get polling places ready bee tuesday.. meanwhile.. the candidates are back on the campaign trail in full forc. just five days before the bg election.. the president is still dealg with sandy.. but he and mitt romney are putting their fos back on key battleground sts
. -- wines brisk out of the north at 6 miles per hour. stafford at 36. chantilly almost of the freezing mark at 33 degrees. we will stay pretty much cloudy throughout the morning hours. we have one to the south the rain will stay down there. we will not get any of that. notice the brakes off to the west. clearing expected late this morning. everything will cloud of back up a little bit. partly sunny today and on the cool side. 45-51 degrees. partly sunny tomorrow as well. up to 55 by saturday. we do have a chance of showers on sunday, it got a 30% chance. you will notice the clouds more than anything else. >> we have a report of an accident on the inner loop of the beltway near river road. it was moved over to the shoulder. everything is open near river road. head over to construction at the district line northbound to 95. only one lane is squeezing by. on springfield everything is moving smoothly. lanes open, a jovial and is looking good also. so far early this morning. >> thank you. it will be a busy day on capitol hill for the new members of the congress. a new member orientation under wa
members of the stafford county sheriff's department have been caught in montana. lawrence to work made it to montana after throwing an explosives at three different homes in virginia on tuesday morning. he is said to have been caught while driving with stolen license plates. he reportedly tossed firebombs at the police who were chasing him. he was arrested and no one was hurt. a news conference is taking place tonight and we will update you on abc 7 news at 11 >> 5 days until the election. after a few days off the campaign trail because of sandy. president obama is back in campaign mode. mitt romney was in virginia. >> i was going to surprise you. we're here at the obama field offices on columbia. lots of volunteers making phone calls and look who is here calling motors. charlie got a surprise fong call from none other than former secretary of state madeleine albright. this is part of the get-out-the- vote effort that you are saying across virginia as obama and romney both candidates wanting to win here in battleground virginia. today, mitt romney spent his day focused on virginia wit
of three pipe in an attempt to kill a girlfriend. plus, a stafford detective and deputy of arresting him. >> nobody answered at the ex- girlfriend's house. isoss the street, a mother relieved. that he is caught, we do to worry about our children in the neighborhood. we thought it was probably a tree or something. >> i was surprised that he was way up there. who asked not to lives next to the home he used to live at. it was recently raided by swat members that feared it was trapped. >> it is really scary that he would -- beeventually he will back here to virginia. exactly whensure place.ll take >> thank you. now, at 11:00 we are learning about the charges against heights police officer. he shot a suspect in the back wase the suspect handcuffed. >> at this hour, a district police officer faces a includingof charges attempted murder. this is district heights police mugshot.riley's he is charged with trying to kill a fleeing suspect. >> we are not surprised by the indictment. it had been widely reported that and had beenffed searched and was unarmed at the shooting.e according to authorities
. >> reporter: stewart is being blamed for bombing the home of a stafford county detective, a deputy, and his ex-girlfriend. he had an ax to grind stemming from two different arrests. he wrote the police and dea are working in order to make me seem like a dangerous criminal. he posted pictures of what he claims are wounds from his ex- girlfriend. >> we can all sleep safely tonight knowing he is off the street. >> reporter: this guy is facing federal charges in virginia and now in montana. among them several counts of attempting to kill law enforcement officers and acts of terror. >> reporter: a local police officer charged with trying to murder a machine that -- man that he was arrested. prosecutors allege that in september he arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle. the man got away and ran down the street. the prosecutors say riley abused his authority and shot the man in the back. dudes in heels, stick around. i'm an investigative report in the heart of the restaurant district, with a closure for rodents and roaches. >>> grab a jacket. a couple sprinkles are possible. 30s and 40s
homes were hit in nearby stafford county. one of the target homes was the residence of a former girlfriend of 25-year-old lawrence allen stewart ii. another home was that of a stafford county sheriff's deputy and the third home was a former residence of another deputy. investigators believe that lawrence stewart ii was emraged by a protective order that came out of stafford county courthouse. because of the bombings, he's charged with attempted capital murder of law enforcement officers, as well as arson of an occupied dwelling. >> he's made three bombs and deployed them. i don't know anything more vicious than that and going after a police officer, especially. >> reporter: a nationwide manhunt ensued with law men everywhere alerted with stewart's picture, a photo similar to the car he was last seen driving and virginia and pennsylvania license plates known to be in his possession. late this morning nearby belt, montana, police there tried to effect the traffic stop. the driver declined to stop but a pursuit ensued. lawmen there say during the suit, the driver of the car tossed
stafford township home. he spent the afternoon throwing everything away. damage from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. randall pinkston, cbs news, stafford township, new jersey. >>> new york's mayor michael bloomberg has decided to go ahead with this weekend's scheduled new york city marathon. there's some criticism about the decision. but the mayor says the race will show the city's resilience and it will be a financial boost for the city. so we're asking, should the new york city marathon go on as planned? you can comment on facebook or twitter or email us at -- at >>> air force bases with helping with hurricane relief efforts. a cargo plane took off from travis air force base as part of a group of 17 aircraft heading to new york. they are carrying more than a million pounds of equipment including utility trucks and relief supplies. >>> 4:33. a violent attack caught on camera. police in san francisco are asking for help from the public to find the manassaulted a muni station agent -- man who assaulted a muni station agent. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is
this morning for a 25-yr-old man investigators believe is responsible for three pipe bomb attacks in stafford county. virginia. >> detectives say lawrence alan stewart carried out three ttack targets. ken molestina has more. >> reporter: here's the man authorities say possessed the will and ability to set off violent bombing attacks. 25-year-old lawrence alan stewart ii is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> and to be terrorized by this individual doesn't sit well with any of us, we're extremely committed to put him down. >> reporter: the first of three attacks happened here on the 3100 block of normandy avenue in fredericksburg early tuesday morning. his target was a stafford county deputy he thought still lived there. >> we thought it was a gas explosion or something and then it was a bomb. >> reporter: after that. it happened again in the kings grant subdivision and it's believed this was the home of a county sheriff's detective. then once more this time at his ex-girlfriend's house in the country ridge subdivision. >> we believe this guy has been pre-med kated if planned th
of light rain, fairfax county and points west. prince william and stafford and spotsylvania farther south along interstate 95. going to be getting wet towards fredericksburg and up toward dale city over the next hour or so. this may be fender bender weather. also getting a few sprinkles just east of us around anne arundel county. temperatures around the regions are in the 30s. we'll have this rain off and on this morning, changing to snow this afternoon. i'll have details on that coming up in just a few minutes. aaron? >> thank you, tom. >>> this morning there is a lot to look back on from president obama's victory last night. the country and the world watched as votes came in, and we saw state after state turn blue in terms of those -- the states that were in question, the toss-up states, as it were. tracie potts is in chicago where things have quieted down after an electrified crowd really lit up the place in chicago. tracie? >> reporter: good morning, everyone, from chicago. we weren't even sure we'd have an answer for you this morning. the race is so close. there are still major state
but it is good the cockerham. >> we are awaiting a press conference at the stafford county sheriff's office. in just under an hour. atf will take over this case and becomes a federal case or the authorities might want to keep him in montana. for allegedly going after their own officers and putting their lives on the line. >> we will continue to collect the details on the story. it is on the home page of >> police sgt. johnny riley has been indicted. he shot a handcuffed suspect and they suspect is paralyzed from the waist down. >> there is a lot of work to do in sandy's aftermath. there is still a mess at this of work to still be done. as you travel around the area, it was not hard to hear the buzz of the chain saws as the crews worked to chalk up big trees like this one. they came down in the storm. this tree went down and caused a lot of damage. when sandy blew in, down with this huge tree. this is the damage and the mess it left behind. >> i feel so sorry. this is more damage. >> no one was hurt but people in this neighborhood are waiting for help in the person of tree cutters
, and click on campaign 2012. >>> well, a stafford county woman frustrated after learning she could not vote today. the reason? the county sent her a notice saying you're not a citizen. >> the 22-year-old was born and raised in virginia and she's voted before and couldn't understand why. and listen, this was not a scam. preeti arla explains what happens and if she ended up casting a ballot. >> reporter: she has been waiting for election day for months. >> because i want my opinion now heard. i want my vote to count. i have that right to vote. >> reporter: so imagine her surprise when she opened up this envelope with what she thought was the volter registration card. instead she found a letter saying she had been declared is noncitizen and could not vote. mccormick born in fairfax county says it makes no sense. >> i went through a lot of moe educations, i was -- emotions, i was really sad and kind orphaning industry. >> reporter: she spent the day on the phone but kept hearing she couldn't vote. >> i was shocked. because last night i really thought i'd be able to call and fix i
's former girlfriend, the home of a detective and the former home of a stafford county sheriff's deputy. both the deputy and the detective had filed recent domestic violence and indecent exposure charges against stewart. the 25-year-old has what is considered a cyber bully blog under the web address, revelations of our lord, in which he degrades his former girlfriend and police. here are some excerpts. he says, "the police and the da are working in unison with my fiance's family. and by family i mean her mother, in order to make me seem like a dangerous criminal." "most police are stupid and corrupt. da worries only about convicting accused men, instead of finding the truth. what is even more disgusting is that the justice system would side with my ex, simply because she is a woman, even though a third grader could have surmised that i was the victim and she was the aggressor." stewart posted photos of what he says is wounds of himself from his ex-girlfriend. peggy fox, 9news now. >>> and now we'll get to the latest on the super storm. the death toll is now up to at least 87 people in t
homemade explosives at three virginia homes early tuesday. yesterday stafford county investigators identified the suspect as 25-year-old lawrence alan stewd, ii. they say steward was targeting an ex-girlfriend and two local sheriff's deputies in explosions. luckily no one was injured. detectives believe that steward has more explosives in his car which is a red four-door hundai accent which may have virginia or pennsylvania plates. they're asking anyone with information on steward's whereabouts to please contact police immediately. >>> right now d.c. fire authorities are trying to figure out what sparked a warehouse fire overnight. flames broke out on morris street northeast near florida avenue. kristin fisher has more. >> i don't know what's going on. what caused that fire? we don't know. >>reporter: dozens of business owners in d.c.'s warehouse district are frustrateed that the fire at the old union market is costing them dearly. >> there's no power, no business. >>reporter: their businesses did not catch fire, but d.c. firefighters still had to close down streets and shut off
. >> is after stafford deputies entered the residence an altercation ensued with a 17- year-old male who was wielding a knife and attacked one of the deputies. the male subject was subsequent shot and died at the scene. >> reporter: the injured deputy was treated at the scene. >> the officer did receive a wound are the knife. >> times are changing. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9news now. >> district police say they were forced to shoot and kill a man who afaked an officer earlier this morning. it all began with police receiving a call that a map was assaulting his grandfather in the 3500 block of 17th street northeast. investigators say 2-year-old justin lionel turner fired shots. >>> the is in three pipe bomb attacks in northern virginia was in a montana court where a judge set bail at $2 million. stewart was arrested in montana after a nationwide manhunt. stewart is accused of trying to blow up the homes of law enforcement sphirns virginia. he is also accused of throwing pipe bombs in the paths of officers chasing him. >>> coming up, a maryland hospital helps overweight kids debt because
with a decision to make on fourth down and two. dameyune stafford got him down. looked like a no gain play but bell showed his power, made it close enough. what do you think mark dantonio would do here given his conservative nature? i imagine he would punt because if you go for it here and you get stopped, now it's only about 30 yards for nebraska to get a game tying field goal. >> chris: you have to punt the football. what is the best part of your team? your defense. let the defense win the game for you and taylor martinez has thrown three picks and one thing you don't want to do is give anything over the top and they are pretty well coached and pretty solid in the back end. >> sean: nebraska leading the legends division of the big ten, tied with one loss with michigan. michigan won today to go to 4-1. they won at nebraska without denard robinson who was injured with an arm injury and did not play. nebraska was in control of its own destiny but, obviously, if they lose today, that is no longer the case and it also keeps michigan state alive. they have the punt team out there. nebraska has
lanes heading towards stafford. travel lanes are open. from fredericksburg heading north, once you pass stafford and get just a bit closer towards triangle, you are seeing a slight delay in that area. i'll give you a live look at the rest area. there nice and clear northbound, southbound as well. as you make your way toward the beltway, you are clear. no major delays just yet. i do want to show you 395. still seeing police on the scene in your right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open, but again, may see some delays in that area as everyone kind of slows down just a bit to look at the police officer in that area. i'm back in ten minutes. we'll talk about rails then. back over the you. >>> president obama is back in washington coming off of a re-election high. he must now deal with the crisis that threatens to send this country into a deep recession. tracy potts live on capitol hill thousand with the latest. tracy, good morning. >> aaron, good morning. we're talking about falling off the fiscal cliff. no one here says they want to see that, but can they really get something done this ti
by to stick to the left. let's talk about delays on i-95 northbound out of stafford. you are slow, very slow, as you make your way towards quantico and continuing in the triangle area. going to give you a live look at the occoquan. you can see just sluggish in this area. travel speeds from quantico make your way to the beltway. it will take you about 27 minutes now. i'm back in ten. we're going to talk about the marc train because the brunswick east is experiencing a signal problem, and i'm seeing multiple delays. back in ten. aaron and eun, back to you. >>> not all emergencies are created equal. the proposal that could impact the care you get based on what time you call for help. >>> 16. the hour. more than a dozen schools on the chopping block. tony tull is live at the headquarters for d.c. public schools northeast with more on this plan. tony? >> reporter: good morning. a source told news 4 yesterday to expect about 19 closures in the d.c. public school system due to low enrollment and underachievement. about 10:00 this morning we expect to hear from chancellor kaya henderson, and she'll
. however, you are in a big backup leaving 630 courthouse road out of stafford headed out to dale city. however, by the time you reach dale city, back up to towards woodbridge. traveling north on 210, accident activity still in play here. you will fopped your lanes are open south on 270. no issues reported, just volume delays to accompany your drive head out to the scales. you will find your lanes are open south on 270. >>> as we goes to break, more from president obama's victory speech early this were nothing in chicago. >> despite all the hardship we've been through, despite all the frustration of washington, i've never been more hopeful about our future. i have never been more hopeful about america. and i ask you to sustain that hope. =8 >>> voters in maryland have spoken out on a number of key ballot questions. >> three of them involve some of country's most cop ten schuss social issues. question six, legalizing gay marriage passed with 52% of the vote. question four, known as dream act, was also approved. it aallows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuitio
to the stretch. getting to the beltway interstate 95 out of stafford nothing to report. some construction activity on the maryland beltway still with the arrow board on the left side blocked between new hampshire and university boulevard but no delay. back to you. >> our top story after months of hours before the presidential election. president obama and mitt romney hitting several states. romney at george mason university in fix. we have a preview. >> after nearly a year of campaigning it comes down to a final day on the campaign trail. last chance or candidates to get out the final push before polls open. in less than 24 hours voters will have r head to the polls. >> i haven't made up my mind. >> the candidates and running mates are chris crossing the swing states today. president barack obama will hold events in wisconsin and ohio and vice president joe biden will be in virginia. mitt romney will stop in florida, ohio and new hampshire and paul ryan in colorado nevada and iowa. >> i want to show what you real change looks like because i fought for it. because i deli
pipe bombs into three homes in fredericksburg in stafford county. he's in jail on $2 million bail for targeting his ex-girlfriend and two law enforcement officers earlier this week. he's also accused of throwing pipe bombs at police as they tried to arrest him. he was arrested a few days later m montana. >>> now to decision 2012. we're just three days away from the election. president obama is in prince william county, virginia today, and he is bringing some big star power with him. the president will be joined by former president bill clinton and singer dave matthews at the jiffy lube live in bristow later tonight. president obama was supposed to visit prince william county on monday but rescheduled because of hurricane sandy. today is a busy one for the commander-in-chief who will also make stops in ohio, wisconsin, and iowa. mitt romney is also crisscrossing the country in the final hours before tuesday. today he'll be in the battle ground states of new hampshire, iowa, and colorado. he's also scheduled to travel to virginia. he is set to appear at george mason university for a
was just arrested near great falls, montana. he's accused of throwing bombs into three stafford homes earlier this week. he targeted an ex-girlfriend and two officers who arrested him in the past. officers in montana say stewart threw several pipe bombs at them when they tried to pull him over today. >>> the financial toll from hurricane sandy could be more than double the estimates we heard before it hit. new estimates today indicate the total cost could reach $50 billion. $30 billion in economic loes, and up to $20 billion in the cost for insurance companies. this estimate went up because of damage to new york subway system and the blocked roads that are keeping help out of so many communities. for the first time since sandy shut them down, all three of new york's major airports are up and running. you can see the flooding mess at laguardia just a couple of days ago. that airport now open with a limited schedule. both jfk and newark which had already opened on a limited basis, are expected to be in full operation by tomorrow. overall, flight cancellations as a result of sandy are no
:00 here on nbc 4. >>> developing at this hour, the suspect in a series of stafford county pipe bombings is under arrest in montana. the stafford county sheriff's department said 25-year-old laurence stewart ii threw pipe bombs at police when they tried to pull him over today. stewart also had a handgun. but police eventually caught him after a foot chase. he's now facing multiple charges including attempted murder. stewart is wanted for targeting an ex-girlfriend and two police officers with homemade pipe bombs. >>> just five days now for the campaign for the white house. battleground virginia is in the center of it all. mitt romney has three stops today in the commonwealth. while president obama is hitting three other swing states. news4's steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest on this final stretch. >> reporter: jim, good evening. both sides now, this close to next tuesday, have their eyes a little bit on some other states that they either hope or fear might alter the election calculation. it's that close. but the nine swing states still matter most. mitt romney went to v
the water rose 3 feet high in his stafford township home. he spent the afternoon throwing everything away. damage from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. >>> and unfortunately, for many people, there's no insurance. new jersey governor chris christie has prepared a water emergency urging everyone to conserve. reporting live in stafford township, new jersey, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> randall, it sounds like manhattan, they are making progress with the electricity there. how about new jersey? that state was just devastated. when will the power be on for most of those folks? >> reporter: well, anecdotally we can tell you about one of the power suppliers here in new jersey pse and g which takes care a lot of the state. they will have some on in a few days but some won't have power for at least 12 days. by then temperatures will be in the freezing zone. >> do we know if there are still people trapped by the floodwaters? >> we believe that most of those people have been rescued or taken out of their apartments. for the most part that was happening in hoboken as you know, a town tha
response workers blocking the left lane at mile marker 161. solid delays out of stafford as you continue northbound. back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. >>> it is now 6:12. history made last night. local voters doing something that's never been done before. >> and next, mitt romney's message to the more than 50 million people who are "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> thousands of president obama's supporters in chicago went wild when the president was projected to win the election. that happened about 11:10 last night when mr. obama won ohio collecting the 270 electoral votes needed to win his second term in office. >> word of the president's victory brought mitt romney's watch party to a halt. when news of the president obama win came, many in the crowd looked stunned. some even cried. the romney campaign didn't believe it at first either. it took the campaign more than an hour to concede after many networks took an hour to call
for bond hearing. >>> the edge on virginia now, the search for a stafford county pipe bomb suspect came to an explosive end in montana. police say laurence stewart lobbed more explosives at them as they tried to arrest him in connection with three bombings in virginia. fox 5's audrey barnes with the details. >> stafford county law enforcement officers and federal authorities have been looking for stewart since tuesday. stewart was wanted in connection wit the pipe bomb incident at the -- with the pipe bone incident at the home of an ex-girl -- bombing incident at the moment of an ex- girl friend and bombing of a sheriff's deputy's home. the headline on one entry was called a corrupt system, i will not be a victim and he had a list of people who he'd had run- ins with before. sheriff charles jett said it was clear stewart had planned more attacks. >> it is absolutely great news that this man is in custody. there was a great deal of uneasiness in our law enforcement community as we also know that this individual had in certain forums made statements about other people involved in this cas
the water rose three feet high in his stafford township home. he spent the afternoon throwing away all of his goods. >> i didn't have much left. >> reporter: damage from sandy is estimated at $50 billion. a little bit of good news on the personal side. coming to work tonight, i found a service station with no line. amazing. fork river, garden state parkway, if you can get there now. terrell? >> considering what we've seen throughout the day yesterday and throughout the week, really, that's great news. randall pinkston, thank you so much. appreciate it. >>> more than a half million homes and businesses here in new york are still without power this morning. to help restore service, the air force flew dozens of utility trucks from california to the east coast. and for many in the big apple the situation is growing worse by the hour. residents are complaining that much-needed assistance is slow to arrive. nearly half of manhattan remains blacked out and temporary charging stations were set up so people can charnel up their cell phones. but as michelle miller shows us, many are still strand
the latest updates soon. >>> stafford county sheriff's have stepped up the hunt for lawrence stewart, last soon in a red hyundai accent with virginia plates but may also be in a white nissan altima with and pennsylvania plates. >>> heap was in full force on m street last night. >> as well as d.c. place patrolling the area on horse back and foot to make sure everyone had a safe night. audrey barnes has the details. >> reporter: the party atmosphere was in full force in georgetown. people wearing the best costumes were treated like celebrities being stalked by the paparazzi. >> what are you tonight? >> bumblebee. >> do you have any special superpowers. >> not tonight. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: first timers like the reed family from prince george's county said it was worth the trip. >> we heard everybody wears a lot of cool costumes down here and everybody is really friendly. we decided to check it out for ourselves. >> reporter: d.c. police made their presence felt early. no one was allowed to stay in one place too long. >> we are a large group congregating. we got a little issue here
-7 in the third quarter. matthew stafford's pass goes to jennings. jennings doesn't stop until he goes goes 72 yards all the way to the end zone. still 20-14 with less than two minutes less. rogers fires in the end zone where cobb between two defenders. >>> josh freeman finds vincent jackson in the end zone. the bucks then got a two point conversion and they headed to overtime. in ot freeman threw to dallas clark. they escape with the win at 6- 4. tampa right in the middle of the nfc play off picture. >>> fear among those who wondered if peyton manning had anything less in the tank after a year off. he's providing evidence. broncos 30-23 winners at 7-3. denver solidly in control of the afc west. the newly acquired talib made his start for new england. talib gave his teammates the time to make the pass. this right after the patriots had returned a punt for a touchdown. they go on to win in a rout 59- 24. >>> the injured ben roethlisberger spares the indignity of the second showing of the bumblebee jerseys. the would be tacklers go to the end zone. the ravens win 13-10 and approves 8-2. >>> gar
. matthew stafford. perfect touch on this to calvin johnson. he had 441-yards, matching romo's total third quarter, lions up by 10 and texas runningback, justin forset, it looks he like he he keeps running even though everyone else stops. it's a touchdown. the detroit coach immediately throws the red flag, orders a review. since schwartz threw the challenge flag, which is not allowed on scoring plays, the review is negated, through rules, the short one stands. defensive coordinator, clips his -- i don't blame him. sounds like a pretty bad rule. we go to overtime, jason could win it for detroit and all would be well, but it's no good. houston gets the ball back. driveses down the line 16 and shane graham, he gets it inside of the left up right, winning 32-yard field goal, texans win in overtime. 34-31. improving >> it is looking like raiders runningback darren mcfaden will miss another game with a high ankle sprain when the raiders visit cincinnati. >> >> we have college hoops, 13th ranked know m in the bahamas. fouled, makes the freethrow. he had 22 points on the game, under a minute to go
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